Reader Testimonials

The following story transpired two days after my appearance on TBN with Paul Crouch (August 9th 2012). I was contacted by Pastor Joseph Essilfie, who pastors Victory Life Chapel in Atlanta Georgia.

Dear Brother John Shorey,

August 6, 2012 I woke up with a very outstanding dream, in which the Lord shared with me that which will take place before His coming. I therefore asked Him when He would come for the saints (the rapture) and He said in a week's time. During my dream the Lord described to me what would take place, leading to His coming and then we were caught up. On waking up, I pondered over the dream and concluded that since Biblically a "week" stands for seven years, the Lord was warning me that we must expect His coming between 2012 and 2019. This dream troubled me since I did not know how to tell it and who would believe me, Isaiah 53:1..."Who hath believed our report? And to whom is the arm of the LORD revealed”. I prayed over it and kept wondering what to do. Three days later, August 9th, the Holy Spirit compelled me to watch TBN. Incidentally, TBN was the only channel that was not working on my cable TV, while all other channels were operational. I sensed something fishy and reached out for my iPad and watched TBN. When I got to it, Dr. Paul Crouch Sr. was introducing John Shorey who had written a book on the Return of the Lord. I was shocked, startled and amazed to hear the title of the book – “The Window of the Lord's Return 2012–2020”. I jumped out of my couch, screamed unbelievably and realized my dream was a message from heaven. I quickly went on Amazon and bought the Kindle version and read it all in two days and then proceeded with a call to John Shorey. As a pastor, church planter, student of Eschatology and called into the office of an Apostle, I believe with all my heart that this book is a MUST read. I am a testimony to the validity of the contents of this book, having received a divine revelation and an introduction to the book by the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Joseph Essilfie

I have read countless books on Bible Prophecy. I find this book very fascinating. I also have studied the scriptures for myself. I am convinced that John Shorey has received fresh revelation which he quite arduously lays out with scriptural reference. So often I read a book and it is the same stuff repackaged but this book is fresh, new and exciting. It will definitely get you prepared. God Bless!


For a different view point on traditional end time prophecy this is the book to read. This book will open your eyes to the simple facts of scripture that most mainstream denominational religious social club members overlook because they simply never bother to read the Bible for themselves, they just like to go to "happy church" for maybe an hour or two a week and just accept whatever message is given by their church leaders.




Wow! What a thought provoking read! "The Window of the Lord's Return 2012-2020" is a very interesting as well as needed look on the timing of the rapture of the church, as well as the end times. It explains all of the evidence by biblical verse and scripture reference. I have always been a pre-trib. girl, believing what I was told about scripture. But I decided to think for myself and look up all the evidence, scripture by scripture! Guess what? The evidence speaks for itself! A must read for any Bible believing Christian or prophecy buff!


This book is very compelling. John Shorey uses a ton of scripture throughout to back up his thoughts. It is very insightful. I can tell the Holy Spirit was working in him when he wrote this. Many teachers and writers on this subject have a lot of academic knowledge but little revelation - that is not the case with this book. If this is a subject you care about you should definitely get this book. I don't agree 100% with his views, but these are small differences. I believe he has the big picture right.


I�ve read your book and passed it around to many others to read. I really had to unlearn and relearn everything I so firmly believed. I am 82 yrs old and I'm not looking forward to living through all that has to happen before the rapture. Never the less its good to know and recognize what is coming. Thanks for being a great informer.



I have read "The Window Of The Lords Return". It was truly fascinating to me since I have always believed the 'pre-tribulation' view. After concidering the scriptures concerning pre-Tribulation view, And reading the volume of scripture for the "Mid-tribulation" view. I was convinced that John had pointed out the true interpretation of the subject. It is a truly fascinating read. I could hardly put it down till I had finished it. With today's troubled times, I think it is most important that we have the proper view.

Betty Bransford, Oregon

We are soon to experience the beginning of the Great Tribulation spoken about in the Bible. If you are a Born Again Christian, you have often heard about the rapture and you probably believe it will happen before the Great Tribulation. That has been my belief for over 35 years also, but not anymore. In my friend's thorough study of end time events, John Shorey has helped me to see the truth that we will not be living in heaven during the first half of this earth-shaking seven year period. I recommend you read this book, check every Bible verse, make spiritual and physical preparations, and share it with your family, pastor and friends. We need not be surprised as these near future events begin to happen. If we heed Jesus' words to watch, be not deceived, beware, be ready and hear what the Spirit says to the churches. I pray that you will give John Shorey the opportunity to help you take a second look at the timing of the rapture, have a more accurate understanding of the scriptures, and seriously consider the warning signs of our times.

Charles Lorentzen, Kalispell, Montana

I have been John Shorey's friend for 36 years and I know John to be a committed follower of Christ, a man of prayer, and an ardent student of God's word; especially in the area of Biblical prophecy. In his book "The Window of the Lord's Return", John makes compelling arguments for a mid-Tribulation rapture of the church. He reveals to the reader through the leading of the Holy Spirit a Scriptural chronology of the end times and provides understanding of how current world events and Scripture signal the Imminent Return of Christ for his Bride. When I first read his book, and I saw where he was going with the Mid-tribulation view, I did not want him to be right. After reading his book twice and checking the Bible verses he uses. I believe he is right.

Steve Enright, Ohio

"The WINDOW OF THE LORD'S RETURN." is like a completed puzzle. The puzzle has been missing parts. Now, every "part" fits. This book presents a Biblically based sequence of scripture upon scripture that I believe reveals the truth about the Second Coming of our Lord. Thank you John for obeying the calling of the Holy Spirit in making this book on Tribulation Truth available in these end times.

Respectfully with praise to Jesus our Savior,
Ivan W. Secord, Michigan