Resources for building an ark of safety

Ready Made Resources.

This Company is probably the biggest resource for both long term food and preparedness products that you could find. They sell packages that will be balanced with dehydrated, freeze dried and whole grains for long term storage. I have talked to the owner of this company, and he is very much committed to helping Christians prepare for hard times ahead.

ready made resources

Jim Bakker Ministries.

They sell food packages that come in large buckets that are freeze dried products that will last for twenty years or longer. I believe some of their packages are the best value per serving that can be found. Your purchases go to the support of a vital ministry that is unveiling the truth of the last days.

Sun Oven Solar cooker.

SUN OVENS® enable the sun to bake, boil and steam food while enhancing the taste benefiting the environment and being prepared for an emergency. During hard times when normal fuel sources will be in short supply, this unit will be invaluable. I have personally used this product and I highly recommend it for every household. This unit works in all seasons.

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Info and Resources for every facet of preparation.