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  • "Part Two The Window of The Lord's Return", Book

    Author John Shorey clearly lays out startling revelations that show we are experiencing the birth pangs of an historic window of events prophesied in the Bible. Many people have questions about these times. Will gentiles be saved after the rapture? Can the President of the United States be the antichrist? Does the antichrist get fatally wounded in the head? Are the seals of Relelation 6 the wrath of God? Can we know the year of the Lord's return? Find answers to these questions and more.

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  • "Unlocking the mystery of the Book of Revelation", Book

    John Shorey the author of, The Window of the Lord's Return, lays out a startling revelation, showing why the book of Revelation was written out of chronologic order. John Shorey shows, that while John the Apostle was writing the book of Revelation on the island of Patmos, over six chapters were given to the apostle by two angelic interruptions. John Shorey outlines the why and how we can sort out a mystery that has been kept secret until the last days.

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  • "How to prepare for the end times", DVD

    In March of 2014 John Shorey was invited to speak at Jim Bakker's Ready Now Expo. These two DVD's, three and one half hours from two sessions will teach you how to prepare both physically and spiritually. America's finest hour will be when the Sleeping Giant, (The Church) wakes up. In the face of great adversity, the Saints of God need to be ready to reach out to the lost and dying that are surrounding them. If we see what is coming, we can prepare. I don't mean prepare to hunker down and wait for the Lord's Return. NO, we need to be ready to share a meal with hungry friends and neighbors, so we can share the Love of God (The Gospel) and warn people not to give into the coming system of the antichrist. If you do your part in this great coming revival, then when you see the Lord, you will hear him say, "Well done thy good and faithful servant."

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  • "Why prepare for the end times", DVD

    In November of 2013 John Shorey was invited to appear on the Jim Bakker program. He was asked to prepare his 10 reasons why, we should prepare for the Last Days. This DVD is a compilation of those six days with Jim Bakker. This DVD will challenge all believers. Explaining why even those who believe the rapture will come sooner then later, should listen to John Shorey explain why we should all prepare. John Shorey gives compelling reasons why it is evident that time is running out. If our time was compared to the time of Noah, this is the time that the storm clouds are rolling in.

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  • Special Bundle Offer

    Both books and DVD "Why Prepare". Includes new book, "Part Two".                                     

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