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  • Special Bundle Offer

    Both books and DVD "Why Prepare". Includes new book, "Part Two".

    $34.99 + S/H

  • Promotion Three

    Mix and match any 9 of the 3 single DVD titles at half price ($7.50 each)

    Note: Enter desired combination in the comment box on the checkout form.

    $67.50 + S/H

  • Promotion Four

    Five of the earlier 6th printing of the Window of the Lord's Return. The 6th printing is a great way to have affordable handouts

    $30.00 + S/H

  • "The Window of the Lord's Return", DVD

    John Shorey Teaching highlights from visits to the Jim Bakker program. Over 2 hours on DVD covering some of the most important points in the book, including my timeline presentation that is a very powerful presentation showing the rapture to be a Mid-tribulation event.

    $14.99 + S/H

  • 6 to 8 DVD preparedness expo

    These expo’s were produced at Morningside with Jim Bakker. Each set will have John Shorey and other great teachers covering a great assortment of subjects on preparedness for The last days. Cost per each set $29.99 This is a great deal.

    $29.99 + S/H

  • 2 hour DVD with Pastor Ken Peters, "I saw the Tribulation"

    Ken Peters had a dream when he was 15 years old, Where God showed him the future period called the Great Tribulation, and called him into a lifelong ministry that God showed him would take him into the Great Tribulation. Pastor Ken Peters shares the conclusions of my book that the church will go through 3 1/2 years of the Great Tribulation. What he shares in this DVD is an eye opener. I highly recommend this teaching.

    $14.99 + S/H